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House of Mahjong (2007)

Well, you see there’s a “House” and it has, y’know… “Mahjong” in it. With little more than two shooting locations the title of the film certainly bares it all: a strangely customer-less shopping mall and the interior of a millionaire’s mansion. Everything about this film speaks of its incredibly low budget – from the script, the acting to the bland production and cinematography. But before you figure that you’ve read all you need to read, there is actually a lot … (read more)

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Koma (2004)

(from , dir: )

Koma is a slick and enjoyable thriller from Hong Kong, very much in the same vein as the current crop of Japanese and Korean cute-girls-in-danger horror movies, but actually made a little more interesting by its lack of supernatural elements. Which is not to say it isn’t just as delightfully ridiculous.

At the beginning, rich spoiled brat Chi Ching (Angelica Lee) witnesses the aftermath of a horrible crime. Extremely drunk after a friend’s wedding reception, Ching finds a woman who … (read more)

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