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Jing: King of Bandits – Seventh Heaven (2004)

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Jing: King of Bandits is an anime series about the adventures of a young bandit called Jing. Known for its fun and humour, the series is liked by many, although it is not as popular or well-known as many other animes. Jing: King of Bandits – Seventh Heaven is an original video animation (OVA) that tells of another one of Jing’s adventures.

Jing, a bandit boy wonder, together with Kir, his wisecracking parrot sidekick, have been arrested and sent to … (read more)

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Angel Sanctuary (2001)

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This OAV, based on a 20 volume manga by the gothy, inestimable Kouri Yuki (currently being published in English by Viz Communications), is as you might expect from anything based on a 20 volume story – totally epic and yet not nearly epic enough. Yuki’s original work is so rife with violence, angst, messy relationships existentialism and gender-bending on both sides (just for starters), that it kind of makes your average Aaron Spelling soapie look like an episode of … (read more)

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