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Bystanders (2005)

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There must be something in the air in Korea that enables them to churn out so many tight cop thrillers. Whatever it is, they’ve got plenty of it, and they’re clearly making good use. Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve got so much rain, and know how dramatic well-photographed rain can look.

Bystanders leaps right into it during the opening credits, introducing the plot (a serial killer stalking schoolchildren) and the two cops, Ja-young (Shin) and her junior Dong-wook (Mun). … (read more)

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My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

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I always like to see a girl give the men a good kicking, and this film opens with as fine a kickin’ scene as I’ve seen for a while. Shot in black and white, the swirl of bodies resolves into Big Brother being ruthlessly slaughtered by Villain. Second-In-Command, released from the clutches of Hench-Villains, falls to his knees over rapidly cooling Big Brother and screams his torment to the skies. Enter our Heroine, Mantis (Shin), blades and legs flashing.

Mantis … (read more)

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A Perfect Match (2002)

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Hmm. A matchmaker who has trouble finding a match for herself – sound familiar? Well it is a romantic comedy and once the basic premise of the film is established, you can pretty much guess how it will turn out in the end. Still, doesn’t mean it isn’t watchable.

So how does it stand as a Romantic Comedy? Well, I will admit it is quite enjoyable and something that doesn’t take much effort to watch. With the plot well established, … (read more)

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