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Scrapped Princess (2004)

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Scrapped Princess has all the hallmarks of a fairly standard fantasy adventure with a drizzle of comedy. There’s the perky blonde princess with the prerequisite obliviousness to danger, the somewhat dour older brother and the gormless knight-wannabee hanger on.

What sets Scrapped Princess way above the usual action comedy fare is its silences, a theme established early in episode 1. When the siblings are attacked by bandits, there is an extended cut of Pacifica watching from the safety of the … (read more)

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Initial D (2000)

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Gentlemen, draw your swords… I mean start your engines.

While watching this, in many places, I got the impression that I was watching a Samurai film. Yes, cars have replaced the Katana, but the themes are still there. The honour and pride the combatants have in their skills and cars. The training of skills, the quest to become better than you were before. Revenge for past losses. And beating the tar out of your opponents.

A way of looking at … (read more)

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