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A.D. Police (1999)

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Before I even opened the case, I was wondering if an extensive – or even basic – knowledge of Bubblegum Crisis was an important prerequisite for this series. A good spin off, as any decent TV addict should know, is something that needs to carry all the elements of the show its referencing, without relying on pre-existing viewer knowledge.

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. A.D. Police is driven enough by it’s drama and the interpersonal relationships between … (read more)

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Angel Sanctuary (2001)

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This OAV, based on a 20 volume manga by the gothy, inestimable Kouri Yuki (currently being published in English by Viz Communications), is as you might expect from anything based on a 20 volume story – totally epic and yet not nearly epic enough. Yuki’s original work is so rife with violence, angst, messy relationships existentialism and gender-bending on both sides (just for starters), that it kind of makes your average Aaron Spelling soapie look like an episode of … (read more)

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