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Space Dandy (2014)

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Space Dandy opens with a diatribe about boobs.

I know. Classy, right? Well, I guess there’s no arguing that boobs get your attention. Just the word is kind of distracting. Boobs. You’re distracted, right? I’m using them to distract you from realising this review isn’t nearly as loftily intellectual as I’d like it to be, and Shinichiro Watanabe is possibly using them to distract you from noticing that Space Dandy isn’t nearly as instantly fantastic as his other shows were.… (read more)

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Fate/stay Night (2005)

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I feel I’m going to be unfairly harsh in my opinion of Fate/stay Night; or, more to the point, I want to be harsh, and it may or may not be fair of me. This series appears to be another of those formula fight shows, where the main character discovers — after an episode or two spent showing us how much of a nice guy/pushover he is — that he is actually destined for bigger and better things. Cue … (read more)

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X: The Series (2001)

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Not that I could ever be accused of writing an unbiased review, but approaching a series that you are so familiar with is an unexpectedly challenging task. After all, it’s not like I can write, “It’s cool!” and you’d be happy, right? So I thought I’d just jot down some of the reasons to like X, and by the time I get my thoughts straight, I reckon I should be able to give you a review.

So what’s to … (read more)

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