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20:30:40 (2004)

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Thankfully, 20:30:40 is not – as some marketing material has suggested to the contrary – a Sex in the City replicate with a Taipei backdrop. Unless you are the type of person that gets really upset when films about women are not also films that deconstruct feminism, try to ignore this kneejerk promotional tactic. I certainly wouldn’t climb over mountains to chase down a movie so advertised, but I might be inclined to set up a base camp, fire up … (read more)

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Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)

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Chicken And Duck Talk is justly famous in the history of Hong Kong films. It’s well-made, it was a fresh look at ordinary urban Hong Kongers, and it’s funny. Still. Despite some of the background looking a tad dated, the message and the comedy still shine.

Michael Hui, the creative talent behind this and other films, gives us a lot to think about. There’s the struggle of ordinary people against the chain stores that are pushing neighbourhood stores out of … (read more)

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Twin Dragons (1992)

Fun action romp featuring a cameo from virtually everyone in the HK film industry. This was made in support of a film industry move to get corruption out of the industry. Don’t know how well it worked, but it’s typical Jackie action, and you’ll have fun spotting famous faces.… (read more)

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Rice Rhapsody (2004)

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Some people swing towards chicken, others to duck, but sometimes its takes time and experience for individuals to figure out their preference. Jen’s youngest son is one such confused soul, unsure whether he’s sexually drawn to the new age femme from Europe or his bicycling playmate from the sandpit days … or neither, or both. Meanwhile, Kim Chui knows he’s in love with Jen but she stubbornly refuses to get involved with another man, and certainly not with the owner … (read more)

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