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Master (2016)

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It’s a sign of the times: the financial thriller is officially a thing. It wasn’t so long ago that thrillers were dominated by communist infiltrators or spies, old fashioned corrupt cops, bank robbers, and garden-variety psycho killers. But as chatter of wealth inequality gets louder, globalisation continues to fail and the one percent closes ranks, the Big Bad du jour is increasingly the Wall Street banker or multinational CEO. As a ‘genre’, the financial thriller has been around in book … (read more)

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The Scarlet Letter (2004)

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French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre thought that Hell was being locked in a room for eternity with your friends, but as Lister from Red Dwarf pointed out, all his mates were French. Director Byun seems to believe that Hell consists of being brought face to face with the consequences of one’s actions, and for some that’s far more scary. We all have things that we don’t want to face, although we probably don’t expect the consequences to be as icky as … (read more)

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