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Initial D First Stage – Collection One (1998)

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Despite being a fan of anime, from its late-nineties breakthrough into the mainstream, with Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, I never got into Intitial D on its early release. With the change in rights from Tokyopop to Funimation, the Initial D series is being released and in some cases re-released in specific stage formats (first, second, third stages etc.) I finally decided to give the D a chance and see what the hubbub was all about.

Takumi Fujiwara is a … (read more)

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Macross Plus (1994)

My first experience with the Macross universe was with the series Robotech. I was quite young, and every Saturday morning I would wake up early to get my giant transforming-mecha fix. A number of years later, I have matured and my tastes have become more refined, but I still get a hankering for some mecha-on-mecha action. It is thus with some trepidation that I enter the world of Macross Plus; a more recent production set in the same … (read more)

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Cowboy Bebop the Movie (2001)

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Cowboy Bebop. If you haven’t heard it said by now, then you haven’t been listening. Pretty soon, everyone’s going to be saying it, so I’m gonna get it out of the way now.


This film is not, under any circumstances, to be missed. Ever.

To bring you up to speed if you’ve never seen the series (and my brain is trying to grasp that concept without much success…) then what you have to look forward to … (read more)

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