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Amphetamine (On Fei Tar Ming) (2010)

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Okay. So all you have to know about being gay in Asia is that 1) your life will end miserably and you will die too young and 2) you will become smitten with a straight guy, but that’s not really an obstacle to your imminent demise. Horror, sci-fi, rom-com and kitchen sink dramas have tropes and conventions that define them as such, and in that light, Asia’s queer cinema scene is making a case for itself as a genre. That … (read more)

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New Blood (2002)

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Well first of all, I’d just like to say that I am sorely disappointed that this film had such a limited season that by the time most of you in Sydney who read this, you won’t be able to catch it. Because it really isn’t that bad a horror film.

In all honesty the movie isn’t the most diverse in its thrills but when you walk into a horror film you are hoping for a good scare and this movie … (read more)

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