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Aftershock (2010)

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With a very good trailer and well publicised production from China’s number one film-maker, Aftershock is the most eagerly awaited mainland release this year. It opens with the recreation of the Tangshan earthquake in North East China in 1976, when nearly a quarter of a million people died. Aftershock follows the lives of a family torn apart by this natural disaster.

Director Feng Xiaogang has made some of the best and most successful genre films of the past decade. His … (read more)

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Sigh (2000)

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If Feng Xiao Gang is supposedly China’s most successful commercial film director then by all means, bring it on I say!

Unlike Chinese arthouse directors like Chen Kaige and Zhang Yi Mou, Feng is barely known here and that’s almost criminal considering what a solid piece of work Sigh is.

This is my first exposure to Feng’s work too and I was completely taken by surprise by this doomed affair of a married scriptwriter and his assistant. Narrated by the … (read more)

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