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Team Heroic’s Top 5 for 2009!

Ching Yee

Mark’s Top 5

Bong Joon-Ho jumps genres once more with this engrossing film about a mother’s conviction that her son is innocent; offbeat and engaging, the best film I saw in 2009.


Another beautiful masterwork by the ol’ anime master himself, this treasure swims along with a loopy logic all of its own.

Ip Man

Donnie Yen turns his ego down to “watchable” and delivers a powerhouse period … (read more)

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Let’s get MIFFed!

It’s certainly been too long in between yum-chas since the last Heroic Cinema MIFF reports! I hope those of you in Melbourne are braving the wintry conditions to sample some of the goodies on offer – it will warm your head, heart and get your pulse pumping!

I kicked off MIFF 2009 with the sublime All Around Us by Ryosuke Hashiguchi. Seemingly just an exploration of a couple’s evolving relationship over time, (like all good films) it is actually much … (read more)

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CY’s GBW for 2008

The Good – ?

It’s with much sadness to report that no film made my heart sing this year but the following were commendable – Sparrow, Memories of Matsuko, Jodhaa Akbar. Perhaps next year my heart will thaw out.

The BadTashan, May 18

A large proportion of 2008 Hindi releases were uninspiring and forgettable but not Tashan. I’m certain sitting through root canal surgery would be less painful than this. I want my … (read more)

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RING versus Spanish Horror Films

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Now I know Heroic-Cinema covers Asian films but I hope you will grant me the liberty to digress a little about two bone-chilling Spanish films: The Devil’s Backbone (“El Espinaza Del Diablo”) and Thesis (“Tesis”)

Endless similarities could be drawn between these two and Hideo Nakata’s Ring – it did make me wonder if the directors have been secretly talking. I shudder to think if they ever got together! (but the sadistic part of me is saying “yes, … (read more)

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