CY’s GBW for 2008

The Good – ?

It’s with much sadness to report that no film made my heart sing this year but the following were commendable – Sparrow, Memories of Matsuko, Jodhaa Akbar. Perhaps next year my heart will thaw out.

The BadTashan, May 18

A large proportion of 2008 Hindi releases were uninspiring and forgettable but not Tashan. I’m certain sitting through root canal surgery would be less painful than this. I want my 2 hours back. The same goes for Kim Hi Joon’s May 18, for turning a piece of important history into abhorrent soap opera.

The WeirdRab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Is Aditya Chopra stuck in a time-warp? Certainly felt like I was experiencing a 3 hour déjà vu watching everyone try their darndest to make this limp material seem fresh.

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