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Special Delivery (2022)

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It’s that time of year again. KOFFIA rolls into town, offering the chance to see some fresh films without knowing much about what’s coming. Special Delivery reminded me once more that South Korean movies, even broad crowd pleasers like this, are consistently surprising.

The movie’s forty-five second trailer sells itself on the car chasing and other action, but elements of a lot of other genres — jokes, jump scares, melodrama and more — are along for the ride as well. … (read more)

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My Shy Boss

Co-posted at Still Just Alison

TV drama – 16 episodes

The world’s most introverted over-thinker meets the world’s most outspoken non-thinker – what could go wrong?

Fortunately it gets better than that, because if it was just “Genius introvert falls in love with pushy extrovert”, I don’t think I could have stuck it, Sandeul soundtrack or no. I spent the first couple of episodes wanting to slap the female lead, because the character was so incredibly annoying. Most humans with … (read more)

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