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Harmony (2015)

Better living through technology. But at what price? In the best tradition of classic speculative science fiction, Studio 4°C’s animated film Harmony, based on the novel by Project Itoh, examines this question through a mirror darkly. In the future, the world has been reduced by nuclear war and illness into sterile country states complete with regulated borders. Inside those borders, the Admedistration (not a typo) and a militarised version of the World Health Organisation ensure that all good citizens … (read more)

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Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

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Alright, look. I seriously give up. I relinquish my official anime fan card. It’s taken me two volumes to work out exactly what it is about Hellsing Ultimate that makes it, well, ultimate. I kept waiting for it to be… different, more, but I’m starting to suspect I might be waiting a very, very long time, because the only thing that seems to be ultimate is the ‘ultimate violence’ maybe — there’s a hell of a lot of blood and … (read more)

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