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Revolutionary Girl Utena (the Movie) (1999)

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A while ago – at the first Japanimation festival to come to Brisbane in fact – I saw a little film called Revolutionary Girl Utena. And what I mostly remember thinking as I left the cinema afterward was ‘What?’.

And so I decided to give this title another go, and funnily enough I discover I don’t really seem to understand it any more now than I did then.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is the kind of feature one might be … (read more)

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Akira (2001)

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Akira. A lot gets said about it. Words like definitive, ground-breaking and brilliant get bandied around all over the place like bullets in a John Woo movie whenever it’s mentioned. And rightly so. It was a movie that left a huge, meteoric impact crater on the grown-up, film going, cross cultural psyche that some people, myself included, will never quite get over.

The interesting thing about it however, is that over a decade later it has lost none of … (read more)

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