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Puchon Film Festival 03

The Seoul sattelite city of Puchon or as it is now officially known Buchon is attempting to scale up its film festival and quit some of its high school play atmosphere. There was a sense at PIFAN (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival) 2003 that things are just a bit more important, a bit more vital. And word has it that the local government are concerned that their money could be better spent elsewhere. But the festival itself is not in … (read more)

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Sydney International Film Festival 03

Meanwhile at the State Theatre…

by Russell Edwards

Part 1: Chinese films at Sydney 2003

The 2003 Sydney Film Festival was one of the most consistently enjoyable – albeit unspectacular – festivals in director Gayle Lake’s reign. However the under-representation of Asian films in her programming, and the lack of quality on display, is a sad testimony as to why Sydney needs Paul De Carvalho’s and Juanita Kwok’s Sydney Asian Pacific Film Festival, when Melbourne and Brisbane seem to be … (read more)

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