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Zero Focus (2009)

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If I were to make a film about my life right now, ‘Zero Focus’ would be a most appropriate title. But no, the Japanese film Zero Focus is not about some dude who is overworked, underpaid, struggling to juggle multiple commitments, while trying to watch as many good films as possible, all resulting in chronic sleep deprivation and therefore a pathologically shortened attention span. Instead, it is a suspense mystery drama.

The main character is Teiko (Ryoko Hirosue), a newly … (read more)

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Touch (2005)

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Who knew Japan still made such nice films? Okay, so perhaps that’s a little unfair: probably the nice films just don’t travel as well. Having seen this one, I’m afraid I can kind of understand why. I have to admit baseball arouses an apathy in me surpassed only by soccer, so you’ll have to take my bias on that count into consideration.

Minami, Kazuya and Tatsuya are childhood friends, and remain so into their teenage years in spite of the … (read more)

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