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Citizen Dog (2005)

With its visceral imagery and child-like imagination, Wisit Sasanatieng’s new film Citizen Dog proves him to be Thailand’s answer to Tim Burton and Jean Pierre Jeunet. Sasanatieng has once again pushed the limits of popular imagery, as he did in 2000 with Tears of the Black Tiger. However, Citizen Dog has taken a positive new direction — its modern day setting and forceful social commentary give it a real focus and meaning that Tears of the Black Tiger seemed … (read more)

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Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)

You know those Thai movie posters?

The hand painted ones?

Where the men are impossibly manly, the women are incredibly gorgeous, and the colours are ridiculously lurid?

Tears of the Black Tiger is a whole movie like that:

That man, that woman, those colours. Man, those colours!

The Black Tiger is the most feared bandit around, a cool-handed killer who can ricochet a bullet ten times around a kitchen before shooting his man in the head. He rides with Mahesuan, … (read more)

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