Review: Burst Angel – Infinity (2003)

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Burst Angel – Infinity is an OVA prequel / side story of Burst Angel the series. It reveals where the characters Jo and Meg came from, what happened in their very first adventure, and how they got started in their guns for hire business. So how does Infinity compare with the rather average anime series?

In the West Land District, a psychopath is out to kill innocent and defenceless people. When committing one of the crimes, he seriously injures a little orphan, Jo and Meg’s friend, Shirley. Jo and Meg are determined to hunt down this killer at all costs, and soon find themselves facing a dangerous and murderous maniac…

Just like the television series, this OVA showcases cute girls carrying big guns. The action scenes are cool and fun to watch. Jo is again interesting as the hell-raising warrior, one who is deadly with her guns and enjoys having enemies to shoot at. She shows no fear whatsoever when faced with seemingly bigger and stronger opponents. In contrast, Meg is the young girl who is weak and always in need of protection. And yes, you guess it, she gets kidnapped yet again in Infinity. Luckily for her though, Jo is always prepared to turn the world upside down just to save her from danger.

The animation is reasonably well drawn. It is colourful and pleasing to the eyes. The story is familiar. A world filled with despair and terror is depicted, and the city is shown as heartless and crime-ridden. One ought to feel thankful that the Angels are there to help those poor innocent people. With these premises, the creators should really have been able to create more exciting adventures. Pity they did not manage to do that here. The story is too simple and really not very interesting at all.

Fans of the series who are hoping to see more of the girls in revealing costumes will be disappointed, as Jo and Meg are pretty well covered up in Infinity. They should, however, get much satisfaction watching the 2005 AX Special, The Light and Darkness of Jo, included on the DVD as one of the special features. The needs of those interested in the action are also catered for. All the fight scenes from the entire television series are strung together in a special feature, the 90-minute Battle Record of All 24 Episodes.

Burst Angel – Infinity offers a bit of silly fun. It is not bad, but is certainly nothing great. Clocking in at only 25 minutes, it is just like an ordinary episode from the series, nothing less, but nothing more either. At the end of it, it all feels rather empty and will probably not satisfy many anime lovers.

6 guerrilla combat cybots out of 10.
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