Review: Dhoom (2004)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

What is it about Bollywood films that keeps on drawing me back to go watch them?

Oh, that’s right, the fact I have to review them.

Well, Dhoom is the latest Bollywood action flick to arrive upon our southern shores aaannd… ? Well, I have to say Indians certainly know how to put together a really decent stage show.

For a film, well, I’m sure I’m missing something because it really just doesn’t click as a wholly memorable cinematic experience. Notice, of course I didn’t say unenjoyable – as there are some pretty ridiculous scenes and action sequences that don’t quite make it to the level of amazing and more often fall into the category of cheesy; and if you can’t have a good laugh at that, well you are going to have to cry. The bike stunts are pretty minimal with the occasional wheelie here and there and jump through slow-motion(/moving) trains and the fights are pretty ordinary. Apart from the gracelessness of the majority of them, the violence is overall quite unconvincing; the number of times it was just blatant that they weren’t even touching each other, I have to wonder whether it’s intentional.

Characters are standard archetypes. Incredibly competent protagonist and antagonist supported by comical sidekicks. Love interests are just there as background dance partners or something for the camera to focus upon at the beach scenes or when the hose starts spraying wildly. It was quite innovative having the romantic subplot revolve around the sidekick but his bumbling and desperation was cringeworthy. Otherwise the plot was quite a formulaic cops and robbers routine.

Dhoom is not necessarily a bad night out. Of course it is not necessarily a good night out either. If you’re not a fan of Bollywood, this is not going to be the one that converts you. If you are, then you may get the joke.

5 Momentum Defying Moments out of 10.
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