Review: God of Cookery (1996)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

I keep reading that #1 Hong Kong box office star Stephen Chow is the master of the Cantonese pun, and that if you don’t speak Cantonese, then you just won’t get him.

Well, all those writers can go boil their heads.

Chow is also the master of slapstick, send-up, sight gag and silly expressions. He knows funny, and the perfect introduction to his wild makes-no-sense comic style is God of Cookery.

He plays (of course) the God of Cookery, a media celebrity who owns chains of fast food restaurants where they sell priced-up swill to a non-discerning but adoring public. However, he is undone by a fatty who had previously proved his loyalty by going “for a hard excretion in front of the foyer”. Unmasked and unseated, the God of Cookery goes into the culinary wilderness, where he meets and becomes the love object of Sister Turkey, a disfigured BBQ pork vendor who is famed for the springiness of her beef balls. She is locked in deadly battle with a rival vendor of pissing prawns, but they join forces to create “pissing beef balls”, the new taste sensation that will restore the God of Cookery to his throne. All this and Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin, a bearded schoolgirl, mad cow disease gags and a climactic kung-fu style cook off.

Watch in amazement, watch it again to get the rest of the gags, then rent every Stephen Chow flick you can get your hands on. You must laff!

10 Flying Woks out of 10.
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