Review: High Risk (1995)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

Wong Jing launches a not-thinly-veiled-at-all satiric broadside at Jackie Chan in this amusing action movie. Frankie (Jacky Cheung) is a womanising alcoholic action superstar who no longer does his own stunts; Kit (Jet Li) is a member of his stunt team, and habitually takes the fall for him. Kit is also an ex-cop; he left the force after he failed to save his wife, child and a busload of schoolchildren from a mad bomber. Lo and behold, the self-same mad bomber turns up to take a building full of wealthy jewel-buyers hostage.

It’s more than a few shades of Die Hard, with gratuitous helicopter fu for good measure. Chingmy Yau stars as a reporter who is determined to bust Frankie for the fraud that he is, and Charlie Yeung is a young hopeful who takes the wrong job in the wrong hotel on the wrong weekend, but manages to save the day with her mobile phone. All this and the fights you expect in a Jet Li movie adds up to 101 minutes of glass-shattering entertainment.

7 action doubles out of 10.
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