Review: The Man from Hong Kong (1975)

Piss off Picnic at Hanging Rock, stuff Strictly Ballroom, bugger Breaker Morant — this is the Aussie film that you were born to watch!

Two-fisted and way groovy, The Man from Hong Kong is a lost Australian/Hong Kong kung fu classic. ScreenSound have wonderfully restored both the Technicolour (TM) print and the funkadelic audio. It hasn’t looked this good since 1975 (come to think of it, neither have I…)

See Sammo Hung and an Ocker cop go at it on top of Ayers Rock!

See Jimmy Wang Yu put the squirrel grip on an Aussie assassin!

Hear the fab sounds of Jigsaw’s “Skyhigh”!

Revel in a film shot when hang gliders were cool, man!

See Jimmy Wang Yu jump in a Valiant Charger and chase down his enemies!

See the red blood flow like tomato sauce, which it most probably is!

Watch Jimmy Wang Yu make out with bonza Aussie sheilas!

Dig the fashions!

Experience the hairstyles!

See The Man From Hong Kong, mate!

8 supercharged V8 cylinders out of 10.
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