Review: Perfect Blue (1998)

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A hallucinogenic animated thriller about a pop idol who changes careers to acting. She goes from tiny roles to demeaning roles, and then things get stranger.

The film explores the whole idol phenomenon – who are you, a person or the public’s idea of a person? What happens when you want to become your real self?

The plot is intricately enmeshed with that of the soap opera being filmed within the film. Throw in a few layered dream sequences and soon enough like the lead character you won’t know what you are or who you are, only that you have to keep your eyes open and your breath held until you get to the end of watching Perfect Blue.

The fact that the film is animated gives director Satashi Kon 100% control over his camera. The result is picture perfect thriller – exactly the right angle, reflection and effect for maximum impact to every scene. It’s violent, uncanny, unsettling, upsetting and utter genius.

9 psychotic anime popstar alter egos out of 10.
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