Readers’ tributes to Leslie Cheung

From 30 October to 9 November 2003, ACMI in Melbourne will pay tribute to Leslie Cheung with Rouge and more – many for only a single screening, and possibly your only chance to see them screened in Australia. As part of the program, a special commemorative book is being published, with articles by Philippa Hawker, Clare Stewart and Audrey Yue, as well as tributes from Tsui Hark, Chen Kaige, Adrian Martin, Mike Walsh and others. It will be on sale at ACMI during the season.

With thanks to ACMI, we had a season pass to give away to Days of Being Wild, as well as a copy of the commemorative book.

We asked readers to write their own short tribute to Leslie Cheung – entries came in from all over the world, and they are published here on the site. We originally intended to select the best as the winner, but in fact, they are all so heartfelt, it was heartbreaking to make a decision. So, by random draw, the book was won by Grace Lam from Hong Kong, and the season pass was won by Candy Yuen in Melbourne. Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts on what Leslie Cheung meant to you all.

Mark Morrison,
Melbourne, Australia

I find it difficult to express in words the loss that is felt now that we will no longer be able to experience the beauty of Leslie’s art. His acting and singing, even the way he lived his short life, is nothing short of inspiring.

For me personally, the loss has been felt very deeply. Leslie was the person who single-handedly inspired me to change careers and, for that matter, my life. After seeing his stunning performance in Farewell, My Concubine, I decided to go back to university and study film. I am now studying film at a postgraduate level and my doctoral thesis will be on the films of Wong Kar-wai (it always seems to come back to Leslie’s films). Of course, you can’t become obsessed about Hong Kong films without some of that passion spilling over into an all-round enthusiasm for Asian culture. So, in this regard, also, I feel I owe Leslie an enormous debt of gratitude.

Years ago, when Mark asked us to rate our all-time favourite Hong Kong films, I was compelled to place Farewell at the top of my list – for sentimental as well as artistic reasons. I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of films in my lifetime and yet if Mark asked us again today to rate our all-time favourite film, my answer would remain the same.

Like the rest of you, I will miss Leslie every day for the rest of my life. He shared his incredible talent with us, if only briefly, and I feel extremely lucky to have been a witness to his wonderful legacy.

Thank you, Leslie. You will never be forgotten.

Wyong NSW, Australia

If anyone had ever hinted to me I would be participating in this type of tribute; I would have laughed; but now, Leslie, I mourn you; and miss you.

You became a personal hero for me; and for so many “uncommon” reasons. You don’t realize how you helped me; in a time of crisis; and I shall be forever grateful.

I came to you late; or you came to me late; but as the saying goes; “better late than never” and discovering you was a treat; and an act of pure luck.

From 1994 on, you captivated my eyes, heart and soul; and viewing Farewell My Concubine will forever be one of the most special aspects of my life.

Your performance was sensitive, tender, and so you, Leslie, was the character, Cheng, Dieyi. As you were quoted .. “I am Cheng, Dieyi”.

However; your range of talent is never merely left in the film area; your voice gave us such tunes as “Monica”, “Sleepless Nights”, “Phantom Lover” and who can forget the star struck young Leslie signing Don MacLean’s “American Pie”!

In conveying your art to your audience; you evoked their inner emotions; tears, and joy; which is the ultimate in what an artiste does .. to radiate the depth of emotion.

You once said .. “I have something that touches people” and this is but an understatement.

I have seen you in the most serious of roles, yet you performed comedy well; and still lured your fans to a teasing conclusion.

You were such a tease ! Sensually, and innnocently; if that is possible.

Although you had many roles as the hero; who is sad and melancholy; hinting at the tragedies of life; you could also be the rebellious youth; without a cause, as is said; plus the cad who broke a girl’s heart with just one word; and one glance. That is truly a rare gift.

Your days of being Leslie were all to short; and it seems the creatively special .. depart much too soon; and all too young.

Leslie; you also had the courage to love differently; and express it; without any lack of convictions.

Your love lasted longer than some marriages do; and that, in the world of entertainment, is a tribute unto itself.

It would appear to me, you only really loved twice in your life .. one woman, for whom fate would not cast you; and one man; who made you happy and loved; something you greatly needed, unconditonally.

You were here; and are remembered, cherished and sadly missed.

For me, you are always an idol ..forever a Legend, and I thank you for the memories.

There is a saying, actually from a song ..

“Con tu adios .. te llevas .. mi corazon”

With your farewell; you take my heart.

Paz y amor .. sweet Prince.

Massachusetts, USA


As described by Radio Television Hong Kong, Leslie is an artiste who has come into existence once every five hundred years. Up till now and in the future, no other artiste in Hong Kong can be like him: he could sing with the sexiest voice overflowed with emotions, write melodious songs of varied styles, hold the audience spellbound in each of his concert; and most importantly, outshine all movie stars in acting.

Throughout his career life, Leslie has proved his internationally-creditable status by winning numerous awards in singing and acting no matter in local as well as overseas markets. In Japan, Leslie was being chosen as the best actor for more than ten years in a row by Hong Kong Cinema Express poll. He has also won the Japan Film Critics’Best Actor Award’ in 1995 for his role in Farewell to My Concubine. This movie has also received numerous international awards in 1993. Moreover, Leslie is the only foreign actor who has ranked the tenth place in the poll of ‘The One Hundred Actors in Korea’.

Leslie is the most daring artiste in Hong Kong. His Passion Tour concerts in 2000-2001 have set a new standard for concerts. Apart from Madonna, Leslie was the second artiste in the world who has the honour to wear the stage costumes designed by the world-renowned French fashion designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier. In fact, he has succeeded so well in making another breakthrough in his concert that The Passion Tour has become, by far, the best concert performance in the history of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. The Passion Tour concerts have also won high appraisals from overseas critics and audiences including Japan.

Nobody will object to my description that Leslie is the most charming male performer we have ever had. He is a man with an exceptional noble bearing which has won for him the reputation of being the last aristocrat in the entertainment field. What is more bewitching of him was the gentle and innocent look in his eyes which could melt the heart of men and women alike. In his 1997 concert, he seduced and forbade, while in his Passion Tour, he was passionate and wild. Watching his concerts was no longer just watching a performance in music and dance, but was also a spectacular performance in art.

Beautiful (a rare description for men), graceful, multi-talented, highly-intelligent, dedicated, creative, revolutionary and a perfectionist, these are only some of the qualities of Leslie that has won him such an overwhelming popularity. According to his friends and many people who have worked with him, his sincerity and consideration for others with a delicately-sensitive and caring heart was unparalleled to that of a man that was of middle-age — some of whom has considered Leslie as forever an innocent boy who is near-to-perfect and has a heart of gold.

For many years, people have kept on saying that beyond that sweet and angelic smile, Leslie’s charm was mostly from the look in his eyes — sad and distant-looking. Leslie has indeed suffered a lot by being an artiste who was honest to his own talent in a city that is conservative to creativity and prejudiced to innovative ideas. His famous motto, “I have died my heart out” has best described his total commitment in the show business. His song begins with the following sentence “I am what I am” which was indeed an outcry of him to tell the world that he had just wanted to be faithful to his own principles and has yet walked along such a lonely road that not many people could understand.

I am sad to say that such a unique and irreplaceable image as Leslie’s is gone forever. According to many fans in Hong Kong, Leslie was being named The Little Prince. Some magazines in Japan, however, have named him ‘The Young Nobleman of Hong Kong’, whereas the Korean fans have named him as ‘The Noble Prince’. I do believe, if there are angels in heaven, Leslie is the most adorable one; and even God will be delighted upon hearing him singing his wonderfully blissful hymns in Heaven!

Julie Ng,
Hong Kong

Leslie Cheung; The Diamond of First Water
The Only Artiste Whose Inner Beauty Shines With Radiance

Leslie Cheung is the only human being who is close to perfect in this world.

There are numerous fine-looking artistes who are talented and have natural gifts.
All these artistes shine but not like a sparkling diamond.
Leslie is the only one who deserves to be called “The Diamond of First Water”.

Leslie Cheung is the only outstanding figure among numerous artistes.
He is the best of the best. He is not only perfect in every aspect in art but also perfect as a person.
The more you get to know about him, the more you will love him.

Many Korean fans have kept on addressing him as The Royal Prince, The Gentleman of Hong Kong or The Little Prince from the late 80’s when he had gained great popularity in Korea.
My reason of loving him at first sight was his brilliantly-handsome appearance.
But the main reason why I have loved him continuously for fifteen years was mainly due to his inner beauty.
As I grew to love him more, I realized that his radiance was originated from his inner world.

Leslie had never been born as a fortunate person. To get to his current superstar status, he had experienced all sorts of
His success was mainly due to the blood and tears that he had shed which nobody has ever known.

Leslie was born in a big family.
He had seldom lived with his parents and therefore, he was constantly lack of parental care and love.
As a result, Leslie’s young heart had suffered negligence and indifference from his parents.
His childhood was spent in loneliness, with few close bonds with his family members except his eldest sister and his nanny, Luk-cher.

He had spent his adolescence studying abroad in London. In a foreign country, I guess that he, as a young and shy Oriental, had probably spent his days alone.

Due to his father’s illness, Leslie had to return to Hong Kong before he could graduate. He has then participated in a singing competition and won the second prize.
He began to taste the sweetness and bitterness of life until he became famous in the entertainment industry.
Even after he had become famous, he has always taken unfair criticizms from others silently and immersed himself in serious acting and singing as a result.
Leslie had always put his heart and soul in all his works and that’s why his movies and songs have always touched the chords in numerous hearts of his fans.
Leslie has always shown his true heart regardless of how others had treated him.
Even after he had succeeded, he got through unjustified, tough and hard ordeals because of jealousy and envy from others.
Even though he had received insults and unfair treatment, he had reciprocated by giving warm concern and deep consideration for others.
He had indeed channeled his sad solitude and loneliness into deep love for people around him.
He has always offered a helping hand with sensitive thoughtfulness to those in difficulties even though they were strangers to him. As I look deep into his eyes, I could sense his inner warmth and pureness that can hardly be found in human beings.
His smiles gave warmth to others and his acting and songs have always left a deep impression in the public’s mind that would remind oneself of an angelic purity in it.
That’s why most of his fans still address him as The White Angel.
In fact, his soul resembles to that of a heavenly angel right from the beginning, and thus, he was never quite fit to live in this mundane world.
What Leslie has left for us is not only his films or songs but his genuine love of art. This love was originated from his deep pains and sorrows, which were concealed by him for a long period of time which nobody could understand. The reason why Leslie shines in my mind is because he had devoted his pureness and truth through his work of art.

I am proud to say that the love that Leslie had left in this world will never fade in our memory. It will always be cherished till the day we meet him in Heaven again.

Now that he had returned to his own world – Heaven, I hope he will rest in peace forever.

Leslie Cheung, the greatest artiste in the world, whom I only love and will live forever in my heart.

Legend to be continued…… Leslie Cheung.

Kingka guk Young,

Even though it’ve been slightly over 6 months, but you will always remain in my heart. To show my support and love, I have built an memorial site for you.

California, USA

Dearest Leslie,
It’s so hard to let you go. Your presence made the world beautiful and bright. My happy memories are filled with your songs, concerts, and movies. You brought so much happiness, hope, and inspiration into my life. Everyday I watch pass by wishing you were still here. Heaven is all the richer for your presence, and earth all the poorer for your loss. I hope we could be best of friends in our next life. I promise you that I will stay by your side no matter what happens. My beloved Leslie, you will always stay in my heart. I love you forever!

California, USA


What is there to say
Of the deep night in your eyes?
Too lovely to bear!

How can I describe?
Your strong but beautiful hands
Every word escapes.

How can I explain?
Smile as if the smile were for me
Though you are not here.

I float on your voice
Every syllable enchants
No song is enough.

I study your face
As they sometimes study stars
You outshine them all.

A thought wanders in
I might never find answers
For where you are.

California, USA


There’s so much to write about Leslie that it’s hard to put all down in words. 46 years of life is not a short period and there’s no way one can best and fully document Leslie’s life story except the man himself. However, there are definitely some milestones in Leslie’s life that I feel are most memorable and had left a very deep impression in me. So let me start with the year…


I wasn’t even born yet when Leslie came into the entertainment industry after winning the first runner-up title in a singing competition. He was very much a fresh rookie and inexperienced in the way the entertainment industry worked. It wasn’t a smooth road to success for Leslie. He had been booed at when he performed on stage; he had been misunderstood several times due to his straightforward personality. Leslie had earmarked this period as the time where he still had a “chicken voice”, a reference to his powerless and high-pitched singing vocal.


It was the year Leslie first tasted sweet success after eight years of hardship in the industry. He was finally being accepted by the picky public as he had beautifully and skillfully sung the song, ‘Wind Continues To Blow’. His singing skills had improved tremendously, able to go through a repertoire of songs with ease and confidence. Finally, his hard work had paid off, and there was no turning back for him


By this time, Leslie’s singing skills had progressed to a higher level and he sounded so good, so professional. Thus, it really came as a shock to the music industry, especially his fans that he announced that the 1989 concerts would be his farewell concerts. No one really knew why he had made such a decision until some time later, he revealed that he had received offerings for the dead during the past years. One can only imagine how uneasy and upset he must have felt to receive such things… In that concert, he had not bothered to hide his sadness and had openly shed tears while singing his renowned song ‘Wind Continues To Blow’. I too cried with him when I saw that. It is hard to let go of some things which you have worked so hard for… And Leslie had to go through that pain.


During these years, Leslie had taken things at a slow pace, resting in Canada where he had a very carefree life. Besides enjoying his carefree life in Canada, he had also done another of his favourite activity — acting. He had acted in twenty-two movies in these seven years, among which he was more widely recognized for his roles in Days of Being Wild (which he has won the title of Best Actor in Hong Kong’s equivalent to the Oscar Awards), and in Farewell My Concubine (which catapulted him to international fame). That period must be one of his happiest days…


Leslie made a comeback in the music industry, with a much more powerful vocal! That must have thrilled his fans for they had been waiting for Leslie to sing again. Of course, he had been criticized for going against his words that he would never sing again when he had his farewell concert in 1989. I would say that these people should be grateful that they could hear Leslie sing again. Two years later, Leslie held his first concert in Hong Kong Coliseum after eight years of “retirement”. Oh yeah, Leslie still looked great at the age of forty. In fact, I simply loved how he looked on the album cover of his comeback album, Fondness — so blissful and innocent.


This was the year which Leslie had suffered the most. He was badly and unjustly criticized by the media and critics for his Passion Tour concerts. His Passion Tour concerts had been deemed by the Hong Kong critics as being a X-rated performance, what with him donning a skirt and sporting long hair. They failed to take into consideration that this was altogether a totally different standard set for future concert performances — it has progressed to offer the best visual and audio presentations, with a perfect blend of stage costumes and stage settings. Not many people seemed to appreciate the hard work he had put in for this Passion Tours except his fans, friends, family members and his concert crew. He had taken the critics’ bad remarks on his Passion Tour concerts to his heart so much so that he started to suffer signs of Depression…


Leslie delivered yet another splendid performance in his role as a psychologist in the movie, Inner Senses. Rumours had it that Leslie had gotten too engrossed in this role and was unable to pull himself out of this role. There were also rumours about him being possessed by dead spirits. Although Leslie never really admitted that he suffered from Depression, it had became apparent to some of his close friends that he had the telltale signs of Depression. And with the influx of acid from his stomach to his throat affecting his vocal cords, it had brought a tremendous blow to Leslie the perfectionist as he felt that he wasn’t able to sing as well as he could in the past. This had definitely aggravated his condition.


The final straw came on April 1, 2003. Leslie must have decided that he had enough and had taken the final plunge of his glorious fourty-six years of life from the 24th storey of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, Hong Kong. His last words had struck a painful chord in all his family members, friends, fans, and the general public – “I had done nothing wrong in this life. Why must it be like this?” This sentence was enough to let the whole world know how traumatized he must have felt, right up to the last few seconds of his entire life. With his plunge, he had not only taken his own life away, he had also taken the hearts of many people with him….

Leslie, you had made this world beautiful with your existence. We had not only lost a beautiful voice, we had lost you, as a wonderful person. Life still goes on, but it will never be the same without you. May you rest in eternal peace……

With Love,
Ziares Chan


Being Leslie Cheung’s fan for more than 17 years, I must say that all those seventeen years of mine, years when I noticed him from a far, were full of surprise years. Whenever I knew something about him, listened to his songs, saw his films or concerts, he always surprised me. I recall the day when I saw his photo on a magazine for the first time. He looked so young in my girl eyes. I thought his ages was about 17 years olds. When I read the article, I was surprised, because it was written that his ages was 27 years olds. How come he looked so young?

Then I saw his film at the wide screen for the first time. The film title was Last Song in Paris. I was surprised again. He acted so well, although he was more known as a singer at that moment. I can not forget the scene when he heard the news of his wife’s death at that film. He cried immediately. The scene became very touching. He showed a very skilfull acting. I never forget that. He is a great actor, I never doubt this fact.

Then I bought his album. For quite several time, I played that album everyday since that. His songs quite surprised me. They are lovely, delightful and sweet songs. His tender voice and his singing technique always give a deep meaning to every song he sang. He had sung various songs. There were rock, pop, ballads, jazz and opera songs. I like them all. What surprised me again? The fact that he sang with ‘heart’, every fan of him know about it.

Then he gave wonderful performances in two great films: A Better Tomorrow and A Chinese Ghost Story. Really surprised me because nothing could stop him again to reach the highest position in the Hong Kong showbiz, especially in Hong Kong film industry. He was nominated as the best singer as well as the best actor on 1987. There are not many artist can be nominated for the best in two professions at the same time. And I am really surprised with his personality. So frank for someone who had a profession as an artist (then I know that there was a time when his friends called him Frankie).

And on one night in 1989, he made me feel shock rather than surprised me. I had already slept when my sister woke me up to show the magazine that contain the news that he would retire from showbiz. I couldn’t believe it, but he had bid farewell to his fans before I was ready to accept. I would lose the happiness he might give to me, as he gave me in the last three years through his performances. Three years with him were too short. After that time I experienced years without his new songs. I tell you it’s never changed, my CD player and tape recorder only play his songs, I didn’t pay much attention to many new songs by other singers. I didn’t want to do that. Simply because no one could attract me as he did.

At the end on 1991, I was really happy learning that he decided to play in several films. When I knew that he had accepted to act in Farewell My Concubine, something that he refused to do years before, I was really surprised. I was also surprised and so happy when one day I read on newspaper that Farewell My Concubine won Palm D’or at prestigious Cannes Film Festival. I read that news many times. His career had been in higher position. But after that I was little bit shocked, because since that moment many people jealous of him. I felt the film critics felt satisfied if they could give bad critics toward him, other actors/performers felt satisfied if they could “beat” him. He received harassments from media. He also lost many awards he deserves. But he still went on, with the same toughness and braveness as before. Everybody was surprised with his hot scene he did in Bride with White Hair only to find that he surprised us again by the hotter scene in Happy Together. Then he came back to be a singer, held concerts and made everybody became surprise by admitting his mom and …. Mr. Tong were the persons whom he loved most in this world. That statement surprised his fans more than the red heel shoes that he wore on that concerts. And he had surprised me with many hair styles. To mention one of them, I was surprised when I saw his face with new hair style in I Hate You So. Ha..ha.. I laughed when I saw his appearance once he appeared in that film.

Through internet connection I know some fans of him. To my surprised, all his fans I know are very kind. And one of them replied me when I had told her about this fact, “Hasn’t Leslie given us a very good example to be kind to others?”

On 1 April 2003 evening, everybody was shocked to hear the latest news about him. Why Leslie Why??????? The news was like a big hammer that hit my heart down. So strong that I felt so hurt. Since that day I’ve never been the same person. Some friend of mine said so. I never stop to think about him. And I don’t want to stop.

His career’s ages is 26 years. I’m surprised to realize the fact that he left his fans every 13 years of his career. First it was in 1990. And the second time, he bid farewell again in 2003. I hate the second time is forever. I’m also surprised to realize that he was in the same record company (Polygram) in recording his first and last album (he had done recording in 4 record companies). And I’m surprised to know that he sang “American Pie” to enter showbiz and he sang that song again only in his last concert. I’m surprised….because he was really unique and special.

Who say that dead people can’t do anything? On last September I was surprised realizing that it’s him again who heal my wound which I got since April. A fan of him remind other fans about R.E.D. mission. This mission originally was from Leslie himself when he asked his old friend to design R.E.D. cards for charity, and he introduced the cards in his 1997 concert. Since he is no longer around, I believe that it’s God who used him to restore me. R is for “Regain” which I regain my old strength which I lost before. E is for “Extended”, I spend some of my time to extend Leslie’s legacies and do other meaningful jobs. And D is for “Dream” which I will struggle to make all my dreams come true. And of course I will make one of Leslie’s dream come true by remembering him forever. I am here (in this world) to reach my dream and to fulfill his unfulfiling dream. Now I’m ready to face my rest life. And his legacies will accompany me. Thank you for sweet surprisings for all these years, Leslie, I won’t forget you in my next entire life.

Central Java, Indonesia

In the remaining days of my life, I will try my best to live a positive life and work hard to spread Leslie Cheung’s legacy to people around me. At the same time, I am longing to receive the promise from God — to be able to reunite with Leslie in the heavenly kingdom one day.

What has happen the very first instant when I had learnt of the death of Leslie will remain in my memory forever. It was 7:30pm and I had just come out of a restaurant in Central District with my two daughters. A friend of my daughter then called and broke the news to her. We thought it was just a joke on April Fools’ Day, and then I have gone home forgetting about the whole incident completely. Later on, there were non-stop calls from my daughter’s friends because they all knew she was an ardent fan of Leslie.

I wasn’t a fan of Leslie and have already passed the age of idolizing someone, let alone be a singer or movie star. I didn’t know why I went back to the hotel to find it out myself. The moment I arrived at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I saw a big crowd outside of it and I knew it was true. I came close to the spot and found a stain of blood splashed on the ground next to the broken rail. I was pushed out of the place and I then stood there to observe the whole building. I quietly counted the number of floors, one, two, three, four, five… stopping at the twenty-fourth floor. I imagined his body flying down like a bird, landed on the bustling road of Central District. Judging from the size of the stain, his fall did not hit as hard as most people did. Did he lose the senses of this cruel world half way through?

I didn’t sleep well for nights after April 1st, but I had controlled my emotions well during the day while I was working. I still keep going back to the hotel. Something about it just pulls me there.

I was not particularly fond of Leslie at first. I thought his appearance was somewhat like a playboy but I used to listen to his songs when my daughter was playing them. It was not until I heard the phone-in program on April 1st when I heard many people saying extremely favourable remarks about him and describing about the happy times when they were together. Tears began to fall. I wasn’t a fan of his but I did not know why I had cried at that time. There was such a big gap between our age, however, it seemed I have lost a dear boy, a son. For the days thereafter, I have changed completely: listening nothing but his music, watching nothing but his movies and reading nothing but news about him. My love for him has grown deeper day by day and it seemed I have fallen into an unexplainable spell. I enjoyed his movies and touched by his passion for art. This cute little boy and man in one, was brave enough to challenge the society, but still has the ability to win many hearts.

I only met Leslie once. I saw him at the bank where Daffy was working at that time. I was frozen on the spot. He was remarkably handsome — when he smiled at me the sky cracked open and I had forgotten completely how to respond. His was totally devoted to his beloved Daffy and has never taken advantage of his good looks.

Leslie owns a unique mixture of Chinese and Western cultures. He spoke fluent English when he was interviewed on different occasions. From his English album, I found it is impeccable. Still, in Farewell to My Concubine, he performed Chinese opera like an expert. Some people thought that he was the most original actor in the showbiz, while others were irritated and threatened by his good look and perfect performances. Whenever I think of Leslie, I think about his sincerity to his art whether it was in singing or acting. He did everything flawlessly: he was a thoroughly dedicated professional and had always well-prepared to play his roles. He was also the first one to arrive at the shooting scene and the last one to leave each evening. Leslie will always remain in our minds a consummate actor and superstar.

Leslie was also gifted with a unique voice: it could bring us love, joy and comfort. He brought us lots of pleasure but we could not do anything when he was in need. This has brought me grief and left me shattered at the same time. He has a tender heart, an ever-expanding mind and an inability to tell anything less than the truth. In fact, he had lost more awards than he was supposed to receive due to his downright honesty.

I lost my son-in-law in February this year. My pain of losing Leslie and he is not the same: I love them both, with heart for my son-in-law, but with heart and soul for my dearest Leslie — my heart is too shallow to hold my affection for him. Can words be able to describe my feelings of utter loss? I don’t think I could express my pain as articulately as I can. Such loss is too deep and the pain is too profound. I really hope I can wake up one morning to find this nightmare is over…but it hasn’t.

I am not a religious person, but I wonder if God would respond to my question: Can Leslie come back to us, just this time, to see how he is treasured, missed, cared for and loved by us? Why hadn’t God give him just a very last chance to stop doing something which he didn’t know exactly what he was doing? My other request to God is to recover my Leslie’s broken body, heal his desperate soul and embrace him in His arms, because my Leslie deserves the brightest place in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Grace Lam,
Hong Kong

~My Gor Gor~

I grew up with Leslie. I call him Gor Gor (older brother) like everyone else in Hong Kong. I knew that he’s going to kill himself one day. And he did it, leaving me all by myself.

Gor Gor:

If that’s what you want to do with your life, what else can I say? I don’t think I will come to terms with your death for the rest of my life. Even now, I still tell myself that you are gone because you went back to Canada with Mr. Tong, and the two of you are happily in Honeymoon.

Just to let you know, I will forever carry your words with me: “When I am in love with a person, I don’t care whether he’s a man or a woman”. Yes, the day you are gone became the turning point of my life; I’ve decided to open my gay identity, because you told me not to hide it anymore.

I don’t blame you. But I’ll be thinking of you, always.

One of your mui mui (younger sister)

Candy Yuen,
Melbourne, Australia

One person is not enough to change the world, and it’s a mixed message, when someone like Leslie Cheung, feels the need to end this way.
He had great intentions, embraced everything that was worth preserving.
He deserved a lifeline that wasn’t there.

Our global morals have just been twisted, and lost all worthwhile meaning.
For it to drive anyone to end his or her life is another argument that life isn’t perfect at the moment, and the question now lies, What are we doing about it?

We just got to remember, that for every one of our ‘actions’ has a ‘reaction’.
Some of our amusements are built on blind trust right now, and it’s not fair.

One thing is clear, Leslie Cheung is no fool, and he’s a great human being, a lonely soul.
His life examples are to learn from, and I hope that he finds his way.
Hope we all find our way.

Edward Comelab,

Melbourne, Australia

Finally I got to know you, though it was after that April Fool’s Day…

If ever people ask me why I love Leslie Cheung kwok-Wing, I will say because he is a good man, a kind man, a man with pure and innocent heart, a man of noble spirit.

Met with Angel…

I will do my best to be a good, kind person just like you. I will practice your good virtues and at the same time looking forward to seeing you in the heaven.

An angel did exist on earth and now he returned to heaven.

Ho Yu Jen,

I went to my first San Francisco International Film Festival screening on April 28th, 1991, intrigued by the brochure description (who could resist the promise of sword surfing?!), and was part of a packed house viewing A Chinese Ghost Story 2. A few days later, I caught a double feature of CGS 1 and 2 at a local rep house. I was completely charmed-by the wild originality of the characters, the sheer energy of the production, the acres of billowing silk, the enthusiastic application of slime-but most of all I was charmed by the naive protagonist who was willing to literally go to hell for love. My continuing appreciation for and love of Asian film is indelibly linked to the CGS films and to Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing’s always passionate performances in many of the best Hong Kong offerings of the past two decades.

Thanks, Leslie. Rest in peace.

Eleanor Farrell,
California, USA

Thanks to all readers for their passionate tributes to Leslie – a man who, above all else, inspired passion.

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