Deni’s GBW for 2008

The GoodSukiyaki Western Django

Single-handedly responsible for a personal resurgence of interest in and appreciation of Sergio Leone, Miike’s Cowboy extravaganza almost made my Weird list – until I realised it was Miike and the trick is just not to think about it too hard…

The BadHellsing Ultimate

God, I wanted to like it, I really did. But this spit-polished, bloodier remake of what was in my opinion a series already worth the viewing time just left me feeling dry and bloodless.

The WeirdThe Wallflower

It’s kind of a toss up on the weird category – how they got ‘wallflower’ from a Japanese title that basically translates to ‘Perfect Girl Evolution’, I’ll never know. Maybe they thought the literal title sounded too much like Revolutionary Girl Utena?? Well, anyway this is hot off the press and I haven’t reviewed it yet but let me tell you: Emo Girl + bunch of (possibly gay) boys + My Fair Lady on CRACK is possibly going to make the weird category for a few years to come…

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