AIFF 2011 Coming Soon

Late Feb brings festival season to Adelaide, and the program is huge. I’ve not had a chance to look over the full list (we’ll try and write up a preview shortly!) but a few things that fall squarely into Heroic Cinema’s purview jump out of the list at me:

Reign of Assassins

  • Cold Fish (Japan, 2010, dir: Sion Sono)
    The most recent film from controversial director Sion Sono (Strange Circus, Suicide Club), and it looks like a winner.
  • God of Cookery (Hong Kong, 1996, dir: Stephen Chow, Lee Lik-Chi)
    Stephen Chow’s classic film about the ups-and-downs of the celebrity cooking industry, and a favourite for most of us here at HC… Mark wrote about it back in the day, and it’ll be a treat to see it up on the big screen.
  • Reign of Assassins (China/HK/Taiwan, 2010, dir: Su Chao-Bin, John Woo)
    The Australian premiere of John Woo’s new wuxia film, with Michelle Yeoh in the lead. To say I’m looking forward to this is a severe understatement… here’s hoping it gets a wider release afterwards.
  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Thailand, 2010, dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
    Fresh from Cannes, where it won a little award called the Palme d’Or last year.

Obviously there’s a huge amount more there to see than just these four: this year’s organisers look to have snared so much interesting cinema that I’m kinda tempted to take off back home to SA for a couple of weeks.

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