‘Tai Chi 0’ in Aussie Cinemas

Stephen Fung’s newest film Tai Chi 0 arrives Aussie theatres this Thursday, so I thought I’d write up a quick précis. It hits a bunch of buzzwords: a steampunk martial arts film in 3D, mixing Tai Chi with modern CGI and a ton of flashy style.

(Update: we have some tickets to give away to the film — see here for details!)

Of particular interest is that the film introduces a brand-new talent in the lead, mainland Chinese martial artist Yuan Xiaochao (aka Jayden Yuan). Rounding out the cast is Tony Leung Ka-fai, Angelababy, Feng Shaofeng, Daniel Wu, Eddie Peng and Xie Xinying. And there are old hands behind the camera, too: the action choreography is in Sammo Hung’s capable hands, and Jet Li is attached to the film as a producer.

Here’s the US trailer from Youtube — there’s also a higher quality version on Apple’s trailers site.

The film hits cinemas across the country on Thursday 27th, and will be followed up a month later by the sequel (shot back-to-back) Tai Chi Hero.

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