Japanese Cinema Week, 24-28 September

The Japan Foundation’s Japanese Cinema Week is on again in Sydney! This is a free event, people, and tickets go fast so don’t even bother to read on. Just get your butts over to the website, mark up your must-see films and then email [email protected] for your tix! STAT!

For those of you still here, or in some way unsure of whether you actually want to take advantage of this awesome event, you really, really do, and here’s 10 reasons why:

  • Brave Story!
  • Miyazaki’s Barefoot Gen as well as the magical mystical Howl’s Moving Castle (Kimutaku version, not Christian Bale)
  • Oooooh An Actor’s Revenge – this, along with Barefoot Gen got cut from the JCW schedule last February but it’s back!
  • Mizutani’s clever The Family Secret
  • Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s creepy Cure
  • Mizoguchi’s 1954 masterpiece Sansho the Bailiff
  • Feel-good pre-war slice of life Eclair Sweet Journey
  • Takayoshi Watanabe’s spooky tale Ghost Pub
  • Tear jerker Wanko – The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog.
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