QLD news – GCFF and Supanova on again!

That’s right; Supanova and the Gold Coast Film Festival are coming in April, and there are some awesome events in the to-do list that South East QLD fans really should try and get to!

Doomsday Book (2012) – fresh from the awesome Toronto After Dark film festival, this Korean sci-fi anthology film is about zombies and self-aware robots and the end of the world, and it sounds so awesome I am already there.

Mamoru Hosada’s Wolf Children – sure it screened recently at Japanime, but really, it’s most certainly good enough to go and see again!

For those of you into either A. Robotech (okay who isn’t) or B. the anime early years when Robotech and English-dubbed anime like it (G-Force, Star Blazers, Speed Racer, Kimba and Astro Boy) dominated our (okay, my) before-school televisions before we even knew what anime was, there’s a very special session featuring the documentary Carl Macek’s Robotech Universe and a combo-hit of bonus sneak previews of the new Mospedia-inspired Harmony Gold production Love Live Alive.

Finally, on the GCFF front, there’s also a mystery film! No hints as to what that is yet, but if I can get some inside goss, I’ll be sure to share!

And Supanova as usual will have a great line up of screenings.  There’s also more cosplay than you can poke a Buster Sword at, if that’s your passion, with the Australian premiere of the documentary My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers at GCFF and Supanova fan-events like Dreamworld After Dark, the Cosplay Street Parade, Cosplay Chess and even a couple of anime game shows!

The GCFF will run from April 18 – 28 and Supanova Gold Coast is on April 19 -21. Details for these events can be found at the event websites (like you don’t already know this!).

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