This week in cinemas: ‘Man of Tai Chi’ (USA/China)

Man of Tai Chi
Also slated for release in Australian cinemas this Thursday (as well as Blind Detective) is Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves’ very first film as director.

Why are we covering this, you may ask?

Well, because it’s called Man of Tai Chi, and it’s a USA-China co-production, filmed in Hong Kong and mainland China, with a Chinese lead actor. Tiger Chen stars as a young Tai Chi practitioner drawn into participating in underworld fighting tournaments, watched over by manipulative kingpin Keanu Reeves, who (judging by the trailer) has developed an evil laugh especially for the role.

Chen is a member of Yuen Woo-ping’s stunt team, and the two of them became friends while shooting the Matrix films, which led to this project beginning to take shape in 2008. Also showing up in the cast are veteran HK actress Karen Mok, and Indonesian martial arts actor Iko Uwais, who was the lead in 2011 Indonesian action film The Raid.

Here’s a trailer:

Hoyts lists Man of Tai Chi as opening on July 4.

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