This week in cinemas: ‘Blind Detective’ (Hong Kong)

Blind Detective (Poster)
Hot on the heels of Drug War, released here just a few months ago, comes some lighter fare from one of our favourite directors, Johnnie To. Blind Detective is a combination crime thriller and rom-com from Hong Kong starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, in their forth film together for To.

The plot outline — and title, for that matter — is a little reminiscent of his 2007 film, Mad Detective. In this film, Andy Lau plays former detective Johnston Chong See Tun, a celebrated detective in Hong Kong who has been forced to retire and work as an amateur sleuth thanks to an injury that has left him blind. He teams up with inspector Ho (Sammi Cheng), who thinks his more acute other senses might be useful in a personal case she’s pursuing.

Here’s a trailer:

Blind Detective arrives in cinemas in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this Thursday, July 4.

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