This week in cinemas: ‘Tales from the Dark I & II’ (HK)

Tales from the DarkIn Australian cinemas this week is a double-bill from Hong Kong, horror anthology film Tales from the Dark and its sequel. Adapted from the horror novels by Lilian Lee (who wrote the novels that became Rouge, Farewell My Concubine, Green Snake and others), the two films comprise six stories from different directors, with a great deal of familiar talent both behind and in front of the camera.

The six directors involved are: Simon Yam, Lee Chi-ngai, Fruit Chan, Gordon Chan, Lawrence Lau and Teddy Robin. There’s a review of Part 1 here at the Hollywood Reporter from our own Elizabeth Kerr, for more background on the films.

According to distributor Dream Movie’s Facebook page the back-to-back screenings (clocking in at about 190 minutes) open this Thursday August 8, and they’re showing at Hoyts cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and the Palace Nova Eastend in Adelaide.

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