JFF Encore, July

Sydney-siders, rejoice. And also, blow raspberries at the rest of us. Just for you, the Japanese Film Festival is opening the curtains on an encore performance from July 9-13 and the line-up is nothing short of amazing.

The Kirishima Thing

The Kirishima Thing

  • Departures (dir. Yojiro Takita)
  • When the Last Sword is Drawn (dir. Yojiro Takita)
  • Confessions (dir. Tetsuya Nakashima)
  • Rebirth (dir. Izuru Narushima)
  • Always – Sunset on Third Street (dir. Takashi Yamazaki)
  • Tokyo Tower – Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad (dir. Joji Matsuoka)
  • Key of Life (dir. Kenji Uchida)
  • The Kirishima Thing (dir. Daihachi Yoshida)

Tickets for JFF Encore go on sale next week (11 June). For more details visit the JFF Encore website. No, really, go ahead. I’m just going to sit here and stew in jealousy.

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