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Line of Control – Kargil (2003)

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It’s not often one finds an imdb review (usually written by some 12-year-old in Bumfuck Nebraska) suitable as a quotable quote but with Kargil; Line Of Control, the review which begins as “Dull, tedious and racist” is hard to beat and harder to deny.

Based on battles which took place on the line of control (a kind of fuzzy and perennially combat strewn no man’s land) in the region of the India and Pakistan border in 1999, Line Of Control(read more)

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Straight From The Heart (1999)

What can you say about 3 hours of musical melodrama? “Ick” might be the response of some of you. “Yippee!” might come from others. Me, I can say that I survived, but it was a close thing.

This was my first Bollywood experience, and I hadn’t realised that it was so melodramatic. One minute the characters were emoting their eyeballs out, the next they were singing and dancing with joint-cracking vigour. And while some of the singing was quite beautiful, … (read more)

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