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Sword in the Moon (2004)

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Lots of flashing swordingness, some funky costumes, but overall this is fairly mundane. If you want historical fantasy action, you’d be better off going for something like Bichunmoo, which has the added advantage of the hawk-faced Shin Hyun-joon and a passel of other convincing characters.… (read more)

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Phantom: The Submarine (1999)

As political anxiety concerning North Korea’s alleged nuclear weapons program increases in tempo with each new report on Kim Jong-il’s supposed love for the Friday the 13th movies (a logic which seems to be: passion for horror = bad taste = evil tyrant), the thematic situations presented in Phantom become all the more interesting. It is extremely tempting to follow in the story and characterisations an allegory for the North: the connection to Russia (as Stalinist allies), the numbering of … (read more)

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