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Natural City (2003)

Well, I enjoyed it. It’s not Blade Runner, but then again, what is? What it is, is an action-packed dark Korean flick full of body armour and chunky weapons, powerful bad guys and determined or tormented good guys, rainy streets with obligatory noodle stalls, and of course a plethora of beautiful Korean women.

The sound will drive your ears out the other side of your head: the weapons go chunka-chunka-chunk or rat-at-at-at, the boots and gear make all sorts … (read more)

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Phantom: The Submarine (1999)

As political anxiety concerning North Korea’s alleged nuclear weapons program increases in tempo with each new report on Kim Jong-il’s supposed love for the Friday the 13th movies (a logic which seems to be: passion for horror = bad taste = evil tyrant), the thematic situations presented in Phantom become all the more interesting. It is extremely tempting to follow in the story and characterisations an allegory for the North: the connection to Russia (as Stalinist allies), the numbering of … (read more)

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