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Chanbara Beauty (2008)

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The tagline for this one is “Blades, Bikinis, and a Fistful of Zombies”, and I can tell you that these guys believe in truth in advertising. True, there’s only one bikini, worn rather fetchingly under a poncho and hat à la Clint Eastwood, although the bikini-wearer doesn’t have the grimy toughness of Clint, and I have no intention of imagining Clint in a bikini.

There are also only two blades – one wielded by Bikini Girl, and one wielded by … (read more)

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Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009)

From two of Japan’s new breed of gore/horror directors comes this simple tale of high-school romance — though, as you might guess from the title, only one member of this film’s love triangle (that’d be the boy, Mizushima, played by Takumi Saito) is entirely human. He’s the quiet-yet-pretty boy in class, browbeaten into reluctantly accepting Keiko (Eri Otoguro) as his girlfriend. She’s the science teacher’s daughter, dressed to the nines and always backed by her posse of lolita girls. However, … (read more)

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