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Mumon Land of Stealth (2017)

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Mumon Land of Stealth

Call it a coming of age story if you want. The Peter Pan of ninjas can play all day and never take things too seriously. Until he has to. Call it a round-about revenge tale, or even a moral play. It is a little Shakespearean in its developments, and its style of humour (and a brilliant momentary break in the fourth wall) certainly does justice to the Bard. Or call it, perhaps most importantly, a serious Japanese contender for Guy … (read more)

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Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009)

From two of Japan’s new breed of gore/horror directors comes this simple tale of high-school romance — though, as you might guess from the title, only one member of this film’s love triangle (that’d be the boy, Mizushima, played by Takumi Saito) is entirely human. He’s the quiet-yet-pretty boy in class, browbeaten into reluctantly accepting Keiko (Eri Otoguro) as his girlfriend. She’s the science teacher’s daughter, dressed to the nines and always backed by her posse of lolita girls. However, … (read more)

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Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

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Tokyo Gore Police was created by Yoshihiro Nishimura, the make up and special effects supervisor of The Machine Girl, which I reviewed for you very recently. But unlike The Machine Girl (which was directed by Noboru Iguchi), Nishimura was totally in charge for Tokyo Gore Police. Besides being the director, he was also responsible for the film’s special effects, gore effects, screenplay, creature design and editing, and the movie was based on his own independently produced short film … (read more)

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