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Lost in Hong Kong (2015)

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I will admit to not having been in a big hurry to see this film, as I had recently watched Lost in Thailand, the second entry in this loosely-connected series. I can only describe that feature as being interminably long and totally unfunny — not good descriptions for a comedy. Also, I wasn’t a fan of mainland star and director Xu Zheng, but I do like Zhao Wei and her recent films have been so varied (Dearest, Hollywood (read more)

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Men Suddenly In Black (2003)

Men Suddenly in Black is a one-joke yet consistently funny spoof of Hong Kong gangster movies. I should probably make it clear from the outset that I have virtually no standards when it comes to the send-up comedy genre, as I find the jokes that don’t work frequently funnier than the ones that do. So if you load your movie with transparently stupid references to other movies and genre conventions, you’re unlikely to get an entirely bad review out of … (read more)

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Chinese Odyssey 2002 (2002)

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Remember Chinese New Year 2002? I know for some going back two whole years might be a bit of strain but let me help you: an unprecendented three [count ’em!] Chinese New Year comedies came out battling for the top spot. Chinese Odyssey 2002, Marry A Rich Man and Fat Choi Spirit. Although the idea of Tony Leung and Faye Wong being lovers in a period comedy lost in the box office stakes to Andy playing mahjong and … (read more)

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Elixir of Love (2004)

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Like all nostalgic reminisces, fairytales no longer seem to be as good as they use to be. It seems the underlying message of the stories are either too unPC or trite to really appeal to our grown up sensibilities. And yet most of us still maintain a small emotional attachment to them. Add to that, the modern-day fairytale which is the Romantic Comedy and you are more than likely to draw an audience.

So yes, this applies to Elixir of (read more)

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You Shoot I Shoot (2002)

The film gives a knowing nod to the ice cool school of hired killer flicks from Le Samourai to The Killer, and then promptly drills it right between the eyes – even the hitman’s mother-in-law has someone she wants wacked. Edmund Pang directs his own screenplay with first-time director energy, simultaneously skewering almost every crime film ever made as well as the whole film-making process. The gags roll as often as the heads, thanks to the perfect comic timing … (read more)

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Just One Look (2002)

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This hidden gem is easily one of the best Hong Kong releases for 2002. Get over that appalling bright blue poster that screams “Twins on summer holiday!”, and you’ll be well rewarded.

Just One Look is about love, movies, and love of movies. It’s set in the 1970s, and the two main characters spend all their days out the front of the local theatre. Behind them a succession of wonderful hand-painted boards advertise the movies of the day, from blazing … (read more)

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