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The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)

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Apparently, this one was made in a break in the filming of Ashes of Time, with mostly the same cast, and mostly the same characters, but absolutely none of the same seriousness. It’s more wacky than a firkin* of very wacky things, and will make your brain revolve at speed.

There’s no way to adequately describe most of this, except to say that the costumes are lavishly satinned, the performances are lavishly over-the-top, and seeing this will possibly answer … (read more)

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Operation Pink Squad 2 (1987)

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  • Laugh — At cross-dressing men (and women too!)
  • Feel — The pain of someone getting stabbed in the butt with a screwdriver!
  • See — A ghost’s head flying around attacking people’s sensitive spots!
  • Enjoy — A tasteless parody of A Better Tomorrow!
  • Gasp — As men are frequently threatened with castration!

Yes, it’s the demented oddity Operation Pink Squad 2. It’s trashy, over the top, illogical and cheap (even by HK standards). It’s also good clean fun. The … (read more)

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Chinese Odyssey 2002 (2002)

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Remember Chinese New Year 2002? I know for some going back two whole years might be a bit of strain but let me help you: an unprecendented three [count ’em!] Chinese New Year comedies came out battling for the top spot. Chinese Odyssey 2002, Marry A Rich Man and Fat Choi Spirit. Although the idea of Tony Leung and Faye Wong being lovers in a period comedy lost in the box office stakes to Andy playing mahjong and … (read more)

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Second Time Around (2002)

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Jeff Lau has directed some of Hong Kong’s most inventive comedies — films such as All for the Winner, Eagle Shooting Heroes, Chinese Odyssey and others. He’s been absent from the screen since Black Rose in 1997, so it’s great to see him back behind the lens — particularly with Johnnie To in the producer’s chair.

The result is Second Time Around, which is a time travelling gambling comedy romance drama. If that’s defying classification, that’s because Jeff Lau … (read more)

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