Review: Operation Pink Squad 2 (1987)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)
  • Laugh — At cross-dressing men (and women too!)
  • Feel — The pain of someone getting stabbed in the butt with a screwdriver!
  • See — A ghost’s head flying around attacking people’s sensitive spots!
  • Enjoy — A tasteless parody of A Better Tomorrow!
  • Gasp — As men are frequently threatened with castration!

Yes, it’s the demented oddity Operation Pink Squad 2. It’s trashy, over the top, illogical and cheap (even by HK standards). It’s also good clean fun. The entire cast overact their little hearts out, especially Billy Lau, who’s made a habit out of delivering these kinds of performances (Mr Vampire). Most of the jokes are so obvious, overplayed and tasteless that they become funny. It’s also true that no matter what the context, seeing a Taoist priest casting spells and banishing beasties is always cool. So, lower your standards, invite some friends over and enjoy some crappy supernatural fun.

6.5 Flying Toy Helicopters Of Death out of 10.
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