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Ring: The Spiral (2000)

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Of all the sequels and remakes to the first Ring film, Ring: The Spiral is the most successfully different. Filmed and released at the same time as the first film, it presents a kind of counter-story to the one dominated by Sadako in the rest of the franchise. Which isn’t to say the unfortunate supernatural wretch doesn’t make an appearance via the VHS fantastic and cause relentless, impossible strife. It’s just that this is really a film about a man’s … (read more)

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Ring (1998)

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This is a rather late review, the movie was released in 1998, and only just wound its way to Australia. Unfortunately, when I did rock up to watch it on Wednesday night, it was on its last day.

We entered the cinema and to our surprise, it was just the two of us in a vast, empty cinema. Luckily for us, a few more people trickled in at the last minute. Lucky because of what followed, it was definitely ‘safety … (read more)

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The Twilight Samurai (2002)

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Twilight Samurai is a small, understated film that will likely confound the (generic) expectations of most of its audience, so unless you get a kick out of paying ten bucks to sit in a dark room and feel alienated for two hours, listen up: this film’s primary strengths are dramatic, and it is, in fact, a melodrama.

This is a great thing, as it allows Twilight Samurai to address an imbalance that typifies just about every popular representation of samurai … (read more)

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