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L: Change the World (2007)

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After the runaway success of Death Note: The Last Name, and in particular, the impression Keniichi Matsuyama made on the world as L, the young, quirky uber-sleuth who plays God to Light’s devil, it was perhaps not such a surprise that an offshoot movie was almost instantly on the cards. Not only is it an offshoot however, but L: Change the World cleverly fills in the blanks from the twist ending of The Last Name, and nicely fleshes … (read more)

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Dark Water (2002)

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Hideo Nakata strikes again with this sodden chiller which had me nearly crawling over the back of the seat to get away from it. Less berserk than Ring and sharing some plot points, but eventually just as creepy and certainly more moving as a mother strives to keep her daughter safe from her ex-husband and that persistent leak in the ceiling.… (read more)

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Ring (1998)

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This is a rather late review, the movie was released in 1998, and only just wound its way to Australia. Unfortunately, when I did rock up to watch it on Wednesday night, it was on its last day.

We entered the cinema and to our surprise, it was just the two of us in a vast, empty cinema. Luckily for us, a few more people trickled in at the last minute. Lucky because of what followed, it was definitely ‘safety … (read more)

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Ring 2 (1999)

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Don’t you just love it when you’re watching a bone-chilling horror movie [eg. Ring or The Shining] and you can feel your blood starting to congeal and you lose sensation in your legs because you’re concentrating so hard on what’s going to happen?

Well, Ring 2 isn’t one of those films. Instead it’s a horror film that is creepy like its predecessor, but only gives you a mild tingling sensation, kind of like if your cat unexpectedly brushes against … (read more)

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