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Rampant (2018)

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South Korea’s zombie train rolls on, as the undead plague continues to spread through pop culture. After Train to Busan went off like box office gangbusters, others were quick to start piling on the potential for a juicy slab of the screen market. Take for instance the hit Netflix series Kingdom, wherein Kim Eun-hee adapted the webcomic Kingdom of the Gods she helped create and which is a strong contender for the genesis of the South Korean strain of … (read more)

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My Lovely Sam-Soon (2005)

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Whether you’re from the West or the East, most people are familiar with the entertainment medium known as the Soap Opera. It’s a world where anyone and everyone can be connected in some way, from the main hero to the dog crossing the road in the third episode. Such TV Dramas can usually be cliché-a-plenty and have enough cheese for a week’s worth of lunches but this, however, proves not to be the case for My Lovely Sam-soon (aka My (read more)

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