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Foul King (2000)

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How many Korean wrestling movies have you seen? If the answer was “none”, then you’ll have to do something about that. The Foul King is easily the best Korean wrestling movie I’ve seen, and I say that with confidence.

For those who doubt, let me try to convince you. First of all, we’ve got Song Kang Ho in the lead role, as a bank clerk who’s bullied by his boss and can’t bring himself to talk to the girl of … (read more)

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Scent Of Love (2003)

“Scent of Love”

Serves 1-2

  • 1 grain (optional) character back-story
  • 60g script, preferably used
  • ½ cup of girl walking in slow-motion with musical crescendo
  • 1 clove My Sassy Girl, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon love triangle
  • pinch of unexplained event
  • 2 mins of musical interlude
  • 125g tragic event
  • 1 scene involving rain
  • splash of happy times, followed by inevitable bad stuff

1. Combine ingredients in pan and simmer. It’s important that cooking takes place straightaway. Characters should have minimal backstory so … (read more)

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