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The Suspect (2013)

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By now it should come as no surprise that South Korea makes some damn fine films. In fact, if there’s anyone out there consistently living up to the U.S. action blockbuster in terms of content if not money, it’s definitely South Korea. The 2013 offering, The Suspect, directed with a controlled hand by Won Shin-yeon (Seven Days), not only is a thoroughly exciting action movie but it’s also a better-than-decent espionage thriller, a little bit Robert Ludlum, … (read more)

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The Isle (2000)

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Phew, this is a nasty piece of work. Before Kim Ki-duk took to making lovely and serene movies like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring and 3-Iron, he was better known for lovely, serene and sometimes downright bloody ghastly efforts such as this one. In its mercifully brief 86 minutes, The Isle runs you through the wringer like few other movies. The fact that it’s also so sad and beautiful for much of that time makes it a uniquely … (read more)

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Sword in the Moon (2004)

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Lots of flashing swordingness, some funky costumes, but overall this is fairly mundane. If you want historical fantasy action, you’d be better off going for something like Bichunmoo, which has the added advantage of the hawk-faced Shin Hyun-joon and a passel of other convincing characters.… (read more)

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