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Kamui (2009)

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There are levels of disappointment in this world. We all should know this by now. Finding out your latest crush is not at all like you thought is somewhere around the level of a mild case of indigestion. Not getting that pay rise you’d hoped for registers somewhere around that punch-to-the-gut level. Discovering the last Tim Tam is gone is upping the ante somewhat to the equivalent of a great gaping hole in existence, worse if it directly follows the … (read more)

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L: Change the World (2007)

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After the runaway success of Death Note: The Last Name, and in particular, the impression Keniichi Matsuyama made on the world as L, the young, quirky uber-sleuth who plays God to Light’s devil, it was perhaps not such a surprise that an offshoot movie was almost instantly on the cards. Not only is it an offshoot however, but L: Change the World cleverly fills in the blanks from the twist ending of The Last Name, and nicely fleshes … (read more)

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Death Note: the Movie (2006)

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The problem with the really, really cool manga is that sooner or later, someone is going to turn it into an anime series.

Actually, this isn’t the problem. The problem is that sooner or later, the anime is going to be turned into a live action movie. Why the problem? Well, let’s just say the track record for good screen adaptations of brilliant manga are pretty few and far between and not only because very few manga can make a … (read more)

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