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The Myth (2005)

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Well, we’re a little late with this one, and we’re terribly sorry — a new Jackie Chan film should be an event, exploding on to the screen with jawdropping stunts and inspired action choreography. With ceiling fans, clock towers and pachinko parlours. Instead, my copy of The Myth has sat on my shelf a while, looking sorrowfully at me while I passed it over in favour watching of Shaw Brothers classics.

But no more. I picked it up the other … (read more)

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Bichunmoo (2000)

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Bichunmoo is a sweeping, historical tragedy, with ferocious whirling swordplay and lavish scenery. The hawk-faced hero, with flowing hair and brooding eyes, grows up thinking he’s from a low-class family, but discovers he’s the son of a Korean noble. The heroine, exceptional in a land where all the women are lovely, is the daughter of a Mongol general, and betrothed to a Han noble.

The story of their love, and the forces that conspire against them, is compelling. There’s the … (read more)

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